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We understand the importance of a great customer experience...
... and we can help you consistently deliver. 
Who We Are

The Kandela team is made up of industry experts, innovators and customer service gurus. Our concierges are trained to build rapport and eloquently manage an endless number of customer scenarios. Our company values are focused on creating long-term connections between you and your customers. 

Meet the Kandela leadership. 

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Why We Are Different

Our concierge service is a single point of contact model. We are always striving to improve our equation and the results are higher satisfaction scores for you. The Kandela team is consistently innovating around product offering, platforms and programs. We also focus our efforts on ensuring our agents align with the needs of your customers. We don’t stop moving and take our partnerships to heart.


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The Significance of a Single Point of Contact

Single point of contact is a critical element to building your brand equity. Customers want to know that they have someone to call/text/email if they have questions, require additional information or if something does not go as planned. A trusted, single point of contact is what makes customer service scores and brand perception go from good - to great. The concierge, single point of contact model also helps to establish your company as an expert in everything energy. 

How We Work

Kandela does require a technology investment or access to client data. We help you navigate your own requirements so you are ready to launch our platform within just a few weeks. We also work towards a long-term partnership that will allow us to grow your programs and adjust services strategies as needs and demands change, strengthening your brand in the marketplace. 


See How We Work with our partners.  

Be Our Partner

The Kandela team will be by your side and focused on your goals, from starting up to measuring your success. 


Contact the Kandela team by email at partnerships@kandela.com or give us a call at

(310) 860-6258. 

Kandela LLC

8306 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 874
Beverly Hills, CA 90211