Marketing Strategy

Every strategy has a foundation. This core allows you to stay anchored as you chart your course. A marketing strategy is no different. Your business objectives define the base.


Business Objectives: What do you want to achieve in one year? Three years? Five years?


From there, an equation is built with both fixed and variable elements.


Product/Service Offering

  • What sets your offering apart from others?

  • What is your competitive advantage?

  • How flexible is the offering?

  • What can be adjusted as more information is received? As customer needs change? As the environment changes?


Target Market 

  • What does your ideal customer look like?

  • What drives their behaviors?

  • What products and services are they currently using?

  • What is the duration of engagement?

  • What is the frequency of engagement?


Value Statements 

  • What is the value that you are proposing?

  • How is that value created?

  • How is that value delivered?

  • How do you communicate the value?

  • What is your return on the value?


Access & Delivery: 

  • What is the best way to deliver information about your offering?

  • How will customers access our product or service?

  • How will the product or service be delivered?



  • How will customer satisfaction be measured?

  • How will the impact of marketing activities be measured?

  • How will your returns be measured and against what benchmark?


Marketing Mix

  • How will all the elements of the plan work together?

  • What impact will adjustments have on the outcome?


Once a marketing strategy is built, it’s important to develop a tactical timeline, outlining activities to drive your goals that include:


  • Benefits

  • Audiences

  • Messages

  • Frequency

  • Ownership

  • Cost

  • Expected Impact

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