Communication Tools

Today, the multiple methods of communication can seem over whelming and complex. In addition to words on a page or screen, there are analytics, SEOs and varying audience online behaviors to consider. 

Alidade Strategy & Communications can guide you in identifying those tools to target the specific markets that will drive business and create content that will move the needle. We will also help design internal communications to ensure key stakeholders and employees understand your objectives and acknowledge your successes. 


To help you achieve goals, we will develop a strategy that takes into account your:

  • Company mission

  • Value proposition

  • Target audiences

  • Customer behavior patterns

  • Business objectives


As well as construct communications, that include:

  • Emails

  • Meeting agendas

  • Blog posts

  • Web content

  • Social media messaging

  • Investor proposals

  • Training curriculum

  • Video scripts

Let Alidade Strategy & Communications help you sort through which tools can serve you best. Send an email to or give us a call at 312-857-5220